Red Ice Radio interviews Michael Wynn (Ricin)

Red Ice Radio interviews Ricin [1/15/10] HOUR 1 of 2

Hollywood Insiders: Illuminati Esotera [27min] & Hollywood Insiders: Magick & The Matrix [37min] contains almost all of the supporting info for the Red Ice Interview

Recently, the very decent people at Red Ice Radio interviewed me regarding Hollywood Insiders: Magick & The Matrix. In the second half of the show, I started talking about the Jedi ( the real Jedi ) and Illuminati body-transformation, and made reference to a card in the cardgame Steve Jackson's: Illuminati the game of conspiracy. To truly understand the incredible significance of the card below, first, get a load of some of the other cards in the deck (400 cards) Or, you can watch the 20 min video. get the picture. Now that you're briefed, ask yourself why Steve Jackson let it all hang-out in 400 cards, but this card means seemingly nothing, and yet claims to be their biggest secret. That's because it is; to such the extent, that even in a shameless Illuminati-based cardgame, it is vague and barely whispered upon. Consider this my friends.

Caption: There is a secret of our cabal that even you of the Twelfth Circle have not known ... until now.

Then, I cited a book Called "The Return of the Serpents of wisdom." On its cover, an image of a man getting a new, energetic body from 2 all-seeing eyes inside of pyramids ( one, blocked by an "E" ). Meanwhile, the whole book is in fact about body-transformation, and the different names its recipients have gotten through-out the ages; The "Dragon Power", the "serpent power," and an Earthly immortal life. "Djedi" is local to Egypt. And then you have the caduceus nakedly depicted. You will be as gods, the serpent tells Eve. Consider this book's cover my friends, in the book's context, and be wise!

It is the ritual they dare not whisper of. The irreversible Black Pilgrimage. The Body of Light. You become a "Djedi," with abilities similar to those depicted in Star Wars. In this ritual, one must be clinically dead for a short while, and the conversion is quite painful. How long have they spoke of immortal life? How often do they use reborn-from-the-ashes, "Phoenix symbolism." Consider it, my friends.

There is a secret that even you, who has never heard of a Twelfth Circle, had not known ... until now.